Red Pocket Mobile & H2O Wireless Now UNLIMITED DATA!

This is going to spread FAST! Now iPhone users have a TRUE alternative to AT&T’s high priced services… Simple Mobile and T-Mobile better watch out!!! The competition has now been steepened! Red Pocket Mobile and H2O Wireless are offering an “Unlimited” plan that is actually very similar to Simple Mobile’s, you get 1GB of 3G/4G data speeds, and there is NO official word if your data caps at that point, OR if it is going to be idled.

We are curious to see how the new 1GB ceiling is going to affect customers satisfaction. Red Pocket Mobile is doing the right marketing while H2O is being a little edgy with their marketing tactic. Red Pocket states Unlimited, but does also make sure people know the 3G/4G speeds are until 1GB. H2o on the other hand is not notifying customers of the 1GB cap, this is probably going to piss dealers as well as customers off when they hit this cap.

We commend Red Pocket for letting consumers know about the cap, H2O will soon find out what happens when customers are not aware, same thing with all carriers, customers get pissed, and leave to go elsewhere.

None-the-less, we are excited to see AT&T MVNO’s getting more data, great future ahead for both companies. Let us know your response and experience with the new plans!


2 Responses to Red Pocket Mobile & H2O Wireless Now UNLIMITED DATA!

  1. robert sato says:

    I don’t see Red Pocket having “unlimited” data yet. Can you confirm. this. ?

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